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Garnet Queen Hoop
Garnet Queen Hoop
Garnet Queen Hoop

Garnet Queen Hoop

This jet stone is set in a crown and attached to a garnet hoop.

Jet stone is a gemstone but not a mineral but a mineraloid. say what? a mineraloid is an under the ground pressed wood that goes through an organic degradation then after it's heated and it results in a coal seam what gives a beautiful black/dark-brown color.

Jet Stone will give you physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance that will help you accomplish your goals and achieve balance and harmony.

In Spanish astrology, the garnet once represented the sun. The garnet aids in giving strength to the business minded person. Any sort of crisis is turned into challenge under the garnet’s influence.  The garnet stones also revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passionate as appropriate.

We all need this powerful earring don't we?

  • Material: Brass, 16K. Gold-plated
  • Stones hoop: Garnet
  • Material crown: Brass, 16K. Gold-plated
  • Material Stone crown: Jet stone
  • Size hoop: 12mm
  • Size crown: 7x 10mm
  • Sold per piece
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