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I.AM.ME Cuff
I.AM.ME Cuff
I.AM.ME Cuff

I.AM.ME Cuff

Brass cuff with the text I.AM.ME. stamped.

Everyone is different in one way or another. And everyone has the right to be their own unique person. Accept yourself and others for who they are without judging them on their looks.
Love yourself

All profit of the I.AM.ME. sales goes to the non profit organization:

Little Lion Child Coaching.

A lot of children in Cape Town grow up in very harsh conditions, having to face the consequences of poverty, community violence, and malnutrition. Children often lack the resources to reach their full potential.

Little Lions offer free mental health care and workshops to children (8-18y) in different communities around Cape Town. So that children can work on their emotional development, self-confidence and resilience in an accessible, safe and fun way. 


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