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Sahara Passion Earrings
Sahara Passion Earrings

Sahara Passion Earrings

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Crafted with precision and adorned with the alluring Rhodochrosite gemstone, these earrings invoke feelings of love, passion, and a deep connection to the soul.

Inspired by the journeys of two fierce women traveling through Africa, these earrings reflect the vibrant spirit and golden landscapes they encountered during their odyssey. The blend of gold and the stimulating properties of Rhodochrosite create a radiant piece of jewelry that exudes both strength and sensuality.

Wear these earrings with pride, embracing the essence of adventure and self-discovery that defines the Sun-Kissed Treasures: The Golden Odyssey Collection.

  • Stainless Steel, PVD Gold-plated
  • Rhodochrosite stones
  • Sold as a pair